APRIL 07, 2022 | Kevin Gates

Why Use IT Managed Service Provider Companies? Benefits & Reasons 

In the 21st century, every company and every business is dependent on technology in one way or another. Technology is constantly changing and evolving because the demand for innovation is growing. Not only this the threats to these digital assets are also increasing continuously which is why managing IT resources in-house is not only tough but risky too. Hence, more and more businesses are partnering with Managed Service Provider companies to reduce their own headache and to get a cost-effective solution.   

Managed IT services can not only provide you with relief from system & software maintenance but also helps you develop strategic roadmaps. With the service of professionals, you can align technology with your mission, vision, and operational goals. Also, the managed service providers keep you secure from all the possible threats of the cyber world. Continue reading to learn what are the advantages of managed services over the in-house IT department. 

What are Managed IT Services?

You can define MSP as an activity of outsourcing certain IT functions of your business to an external IT services provider. Once you do so, the MSP company takes on full responsibility for these operations. And these responsibilities include constant monitoring, IT support on-demand, and problem resolution. Hence, with an MSP, businesses have access to the latest technologies and innovative solutions. And with this support, they can maximize productivity to enhance their annual profits.   

Managing IT functions in-house not only require the installation (hardware & IT team) and maintenance cost but the continuously changing technology demand up-gradation and training of employees. But when partnering with an MSP, all these costs are replaced with a monthly fee for the service. Additionally, the managed IT support reduces the hassle associated with IT and makes sure that the outcomes match your expectations. 

Why Choose Managed Service Provider Companies:   

Cost-Efficiency of Managed IT Services: 

Every business tries to reduce its operational costs and enhance its annual profits. And in this effort, Managed IT services can help them a lot in reducing their IT expenses. According to Mordor Intelligence a successful deployment of an MSP can help a business reduce its IT cost by 25-45% and increase its operational efficiency by 45-65%. Furthermore, inducting IT hardware and hiring IT staff members is a time-consuming task. So, partnering with an MSP not only saves a business an operational cost but helps it provide an early solution. 

Risk Reduction: 

Managed service providers can help a business mitigate risks related to system outages. They reduce the chances of losing data by many folds. They design and implement disaster recovery plans to save from many undesirable circumstances. Additionally, they act as an invincible shield against all those cyber-attacks that are devastating hundreds of companies on a daily basis.  

Greater Scalability:

Creating an efficient IT department require months, even years; you need to deploy massive systems and IT experts. And when you need to expand your IT resources with the increase of your business, you have to put in even more effort and budget. Business often finds it more effective to start small, move fast and expand as needed. And all this is only possible when an MSP is handling your IT. They make it easy for enterprises to scale up or down depending on demand, such as a retailer increasing capacity around the holidays, or a startup experiencing sudden growth. 

24/7 Availability and Support:

In this world of globalization, the 9-to-5 workday is as outdated as the phone booth. Businesses have clients and customers from all around the globe with different time zones. And this difference demand businesses to offer their service 24/7.  But keeping all your resources and IT team 24/7 adds another cost overhead. Managed service providers, on the other hand, can provide you with 24/7 support, so that you can handle clients remotely and at any time.  

Remain Competitive: 

Managed service provider companies can assist businesses with keeping on top of drastic and sudden changes in technology. After every update in technology, most organizations experience difficulties with responding to those changes. They usually either don’t have a budget to upgrade their systems or no time to halt their business for updating your technology. But an MSP can apply a proactive approach since the provider’s focus is solely on the organization’s IT-related functions. This gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. But for the efficiency and reliability, your business requires, you should partner with a good service provider. And if you are operating from the US, you should hire the services of Sequelnet because, in America, no service is as good as us.