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We are based in New York City, and if onsite support is required, we work with a number of local vendors in all 50 states as well as other countries. To give you an example, we have clients in Miami, LA, Dallas, Seattle, and Manchester in the United Kingdom, and one of our non-profit clients, WJC, has used our service in many different countries including the United States, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina, and Israel for the past seven years. In general, as long as the device is turned on, we can control and provide help remotely. If the PC fails, we have a replacement plan that includes sending a whole new computer with dual monitor capability for a one-time price of $150, which includes the initial setup fee.

Virtual or physical servers are treated same. If we need to send tech on site, it will be $120/h plus $85. Traveling time.

Yes we do, Database administration (DBA): $35/h, Senior DBA: $60/h, Business Intelligence Developer (BI): $40/h

Storage only $14/monthly ($7/TB/Mo Annual Billing) in a Certified Facility. This is without RETENSION backup. If you require retention back-up, it's $10 per retention point. There won’t be any extra charges for upload to storage, but for downloading there will be free 1GB daily and more than 1 GB will be charge at $0.02 per GB. We have other options as well Amazon S3 will be $21/m/TB, Azure $17/m/TB and google $20/m/TB. Download for Amazon $0.05, Azure $0.04 and google $0.12 per GB. We will charge $100 yearly administration fee for regular back up and $250 yearly for retention backups.

Yes, $85 hourly plus one hour of traveling time.

Yes, absolutely as credit to the account minus a one-time $65 charge, We also provide a monthly plan as well, at standard rates, $35 is our promotional plan, If you find our service valuable to your needs, at any time during the first year, you could sign a contract to lock in this rate for the term of the extended contract.

We have utilized many levels of AI and automation to allow us to start up smoothly and easily without repetitious extra efforts, resulting in no extra charges to our clients. So if we are starting up only with support, there is no set-up fee.

Yes, we are certified Tier 3 partners with Microsoft Azure. For sure, we can relocate the entirety of your servers and IT infrastructure to Azure or AWS, preferring Azure. Rates are extremely low, starting at $30 a month for Linux servers. It really depends on the resources that you need. As a Tier 3 partner, we provide the exact same listed prices as Microsoft. There will be charges to move your environment and support depends on details, hourly at $55/h.

SequelNet will act as your "on-demand" IT member. There will be a $25/hr rate for any on-demand work in close liaison with all third parties. We use the Connectwise Billing module and automation for this purpose, which is very comprehensive for managing and monitoring all add-on tasks and projects to make sure first that you will receive service for the purchased time with full transparency and second, a comprehensive reporting module.

Yes, we use "Connectwise Manage Premium" to provide such services to perfection. You can find more about Connectwise Manage here https://www.connectwise.com/platform/pricing/manage/compare

We are IT specialists with the skills to provide IT services, but we are not good candidates for training. We use LinkedIn for our needs and we can definitely help and work with you to identify specific training programs and provide assistance to create and deploy policies and procedures.


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