December 2, 2021 | Kevin Gates

Why Use Virtual Desktop Over Physical PCs for Your Business - Everything you Need to Know 

When it comes to usage, the virtual desktop and physical PCs have more semblance than differences. If you compare the two, both of them share the same interface. They have the same start screen, background, and icons. Both of them run the same apps given that they have similar resources. Therefore, when using either of the computing systems, you will have an identical experience. However, there are some factors related to businesses that make them different like cost, needs of employees, computing, and storage requirements.   

You can’t deny the fact that if you offer a chance, your team would jump to work from home. And it is even more true since the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic as everyone is trying to minimize their physical contact with the rest of the world. But offering this opportunity on your own has some drawbacks like security problems that are difficult and expensive to manage. So, the option of virtual desktop software is more convenient. It requires no IT expertise from your company because all the technical support is offered by the provider. Furthermore, a virtual desktop enables your staff to access their workspace safely from anywhere in the world. Let’s dive deeper into the details of the differences between the two computing options and decide which is a better option for your business. 

Key Differences Between Virtual Desktop and Physical Desktop: 

Before starting with their differences, let’s have a look at the characteristics of both computing options,

Virtual Desktop: 

A virtual desktop is accessible to authorized users from almost any location and with any device having internet connectivity. So, users can easily tap into their usual resources, when working from home or elsewhere. In this computing environment, the operating system is hosted remotely on a separate server, so none of the data is stored on the local device. And that means in the event of losing your device, you don’t have to worry about the data. Your data will remain safe and secure over the data center. The only downside with Virtual Desktops is that you need an internet service to access your data. But in this digital era, you can almost find the internet anywhere in the world, so, this challenge is manageable.   

Physical PCs: 

Your physical desktop resides at one location, and your data is stored on that same device. And you can use your system at the same location. If you wish to use your system remotely, you need to install special remote access software that provides access to your desktop, which  isn’t an easy undertaking. Without careful consideration, you can expose your workspace to bad actors. special software and, when you leave the office, you will have to leave your physical desktop running to access it. This means more power loss besides the disadvantage of potential security vulnerability. 

Weighing up Physical Desktop and Virtual Desktop:  

There are a lot of similarities between the two as mentioned earlier. However, there are also some significant differences. Your physical desktop is positioned in one place and times come when you need to use your desktop remotely and turning your physical desktop into a remote system has some drawbacks. Additionally, for desktop support, businesses need to have on-site IT technicians available to repair many problems. 

Virtual desktops, on the other hand, are accessible at any time through any device, whether it be PC, Mac, laptop, iPhone, Android, or some other device. Moreover, virtual desktops are hosted at a data center which means added physical security and firewalls. Besides this, a company can decide which software to install and how to surf over internet. Also, you can increase storage without buying any hardware rather the service provider can easily add more of its existing infrastructure. 

Benefits of Virtual Desktops over Physical Desktops for Businesses:  

  • • Virtual desktops save you from the expenditures of IT resources. You don’t need to have hardware resources and also a team to manage them instead your service provider handles this, as part of your monthly fee for the virtual desktop software. Moreover, you also not have to spend money on the upgradation of technologies. You can save all this cost and spend somewhere else.  

  • • By working with virtual desktops, you will be able to increase productivity and revenue. Virtual workspaces give employees access to their data and applications 24/7 and that allows them to get their work done at a time that best suits them. Ultimately, this facilitation enhances productivity and revenue.  

  • • Your staff will be more satisfied when they have options of using their desktops virtually and as a result, your company will have a better retention rate.  Offering flexible work arrangements enable companies to retain satisfied employees.  

  • • Your data will be invincible for hackers and also safe from natural disasters. Service providers maintain your system by multiple layers of protection; the latest software, patches, and service packs. Your managers don’t have to lift even a finger to ward off cybercriminals.  

  • • You can hire staff remotely to expand your talent pool. Virtual workspace allows you to recruit staff from other states or another country and that is a huge plus point.   

  • • Your staff can move freely around the office. Employees can sit in teams and collaborate with each other on a daily basis, depending on the project they’re working on. 

Are You Willing to Move into the Cloud? 

If you analyze all the pros and cons associated with physical desktops and virtual desktops, you will definitely decide to go for virtual desktops for the success of your business. Once you have decided to go virtual, it is better to hire services of those who are most reliable, have the most secure data center, who offer virtual desktop hosting, apps, and phone services. And the only company with so much reliability and a vast list of services is Sequelnet. So, without wasting any time on analyzing less reliable services, hire us to make your business affluence.