JANUARY 9, 2023 | Frank

How Does Firewall Protection & Cyber Check Guard Your Business?

With all of the benefits that technology provides, it may be tough to accept that risk lurks in every gadget or platform. Despite our perception of technology as a good force, Technology's cyber security dangers are genuine and offer actual threats. However, a frequent cyber check can assist you in determining where the risks are coming from and how to secure your business.

Why Should You Use CyberCheck?

Cyber Check is a good way to protect your business from malware threats, and it has a number of benefits. Here are a few examples:

It can scan your whole network for susceptible systems and devices, allowing you to patch them before an attack. It blocks known harmful IP addresses and websites, ensuring that your staff does not inadvertently click on something that infects your system.

It helps businesses in a number of departments. Whether it is an email security checker, cloud security checker, domain discovery, data analysis, or continuous virus monitoring, let's see how it helps in the respective fields of online platforms. Technology can be integrated with the business's mission, vision, and objectives for operations with the help of experts.  In addition, cyber security consulting can protect your company from cyber-related threats.

Let us see the services the cyber security services that Sequelnet provides to secure your business from malware attacks and viruses. 

How Hackers Breach Your Account?

 Cyber Check is a web-based data and forensic tool. It guides you to the hackers' position while also allowing you to rapidly evaluate digital evidence files. As a result of the surge in cyber-attacks, several websites have been hacked.

If the firm in possession of your password is in the same scenario. This gives hackers access to your records and accounts. Many people use the same password for several accounts to alleviate the strain of remembering various passwords. Because of this method, a breach on one site might expose every other account.

When fraudsters obtain your passwords. They trade or swap them with other people and businesses via dark web forums. These specifics may have put you in a position where you're wondering how you might defend yourself.

A Firewall Can Keep Your Company Safe From Malicious Code

Firewalls shield computers from viruses and other dangerous software. They keep track of all incoming and departing data and record any unexpected activity. They can be set to notify you when an attack happens or someone attempts to obtain unauthorized access to your computer system. These warnings can significantly improve your company's overall cyber security posture.

When executing cyber security consulting, you must have access to a vast amount of information. Based on fit with your company's needs and budget. Get on-demand assistance from expert advisers who are there to help you when you need it the most. We are professionals in executive consulting, vendor evaluation, and policy and technology implementation. We are accessible on a regular or one-time basis to assist you with the plethora of security challenges that occur during the year.

IT support and services:

IT support and services can help you with your help desk. It essentially has three tasks to complete. These can help you with your problem-solving talents and unique analytical and technological interpretation. Have a look at them:

  • - Spending a lot of money on IT

  • - Having difficulty with compliance

  • - Concerned about security

Repeated warnings indicate that your organization is on a threat actor's radar and might be an early warning indicator that you need to beef up your defenses even further. If this is the case, you should begin developing sound IT support and services from SequelNet to prevent your business when your network gets attacked.

IT Consultant :

IT consultants can examine their company's current IT budget. They will recommend modifications based on their expertise and judgments that can help you save money in the future. It might be a case of eliminating obsolete equipment that is difficult to maintain and expensive to keep.


Cyber Check may assist your organization protect itself from threats in a variety of methods. by checking your systems and networks for vulnerabilities on a regular basis. It assists you in identifying and correcting any flaws before they are exploited. It can also provide real-time monitoring and warnings to assist you in detecting and stopping any suspicious behavior as soon as possible. By adopting these preventative measures, you can help protect your company from the rising threat of viruses.